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Wi-Free is the fastest VPN
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Wi-Free protects from online identity
theft providing security encryption layer

Increase connection speed for all
programs by our acceleration algorithms
Wi-Free 2.0
2.0 for Windows (791.38KB)

Wi-Free Home & Office VPN provider

Wi-Free VPN is a mechanism providing secure, reliable data transport over the Internet. Wi-Free software has a user-friendly interface. Installed on your computer or mobile device, it connects you reliably to the Wi-Free network.

Our virtual private network (VPN) is based on the unique and original proprietary protocol developed by our company which works over all known protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP and even DNS using encapsulation mechanisms.

Our protocol has a load-balancing option for servers in a single network as well as the smart Internet connection speed accelerator which uses complicated algorithms for lossless data compression for each content type, unlike PPTP, L2TP, or OpenVPN protocols.

Wi-Free is Wired & Wireless Freedom

  • Wi-Free encrypts any network traffic, HTTP and any other protocols (e-mail, instant messengers, FTP, DNS (domain to IP address resolution, etc.) without any delays. An encrypted Wi-Free connection is created once and all network traffic passes through this connection.
  • Wi-Free software is actually connected not to one server, but to a server farm with high-speed and load-balanced communication channels. Along with changes in routing of networking packets and bypass of incorrectly configured or overloaded network nodes, it ensures high speed data transfer in any Wi-Free network of your choice.
  • Each type of data is compressed and decompressed using our optimized high-performance algorithm, allowing you to reduce up to 80% of your total traffic costs to your ISP. Hardware resources server-side and the specifications of your device (CPU and memory) don't affect the connection speed.
  • Once you get a new IP address, you can get full access to your favourite online services from anywhere in the world.
  • Even networks with strict firewalls usually allow transmitting data via the ICMP and DNS tunnels which our software creates.

Account activation by Voucher Code

For your convenience, we offer the activation of Wi-Free accounts with voucher codes that you can buy directly from us making payment with your credit card to receive activation codes instantly. You can also contact authorized resellers accepting various payment methods including local ones.

You can use your voucher at any time after purchase as it has no expiration date. Vouchers are also transferrable. If you are unsure whether you need to activate your Wi-Free account, you can buy a voucher and then request a refund which we guarantee for any time before using your voucher and even a few days afterward.