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About Wi-Free Ltd

Our company was founded by a group of specialists who had been developing software for a range of IT applications. We aimed to combine our developers’ skills and experience to create an end-user product that ensures secure network connections and fast and reliable data transfer. Wi-Free is the name we designed for this product: our motto is Wired and Wireless Freedom. This means that our customers can receive many more benefits compared to the traditional Internet connections provided by any other Internet service provider.

Today, the Internet uses the fourth version of Internet Protocol, also known as IPv4. The IPv4 specification was published in 1981. Because it was developed 30 years ago, this protocol does not contain all mechanisms required by the present standards, including mechanisms of information security and data transfer based on routing complexity. Data encryption is also necessary, and there are few really useful methods in common use today. All these features should be implemented at the network level in order to not overload applications. As well, developers sometimes simply have no time to implement what they would like to at the system level.

Our virtual private networks (VPN) are built on a unique and tailored protocol that works over all other known protocols such as TCP, UDP, ICMP and even DNS, by using encapsulation mechanisms. Internet providers use various tricks when routing traffic to minimise their costs accrued by using Internet operators’ channels. For example, some providers transfer TCP traffic to a network node through a particular route, while others do it through different routes for similar traffic.

Wi-Free accelerates access to many Internet hosts by routing packets through different Internet nodes and bypassing incorrectly configured or overloaded nodes. You can easily check the speed and quality of our service using our Free Guest Access.

Few Internet service providers are committed to the principle of network neutrality. Most ISPs deliberately restrict a certain type of traffic by narrowing the channel. This especially applies to mobile operators. Though the situation remains unchanged thus far, with Wi-Free you can now bypass traffic limits generated by providers.

In our business, we take the recruitment of skilled professionals very seriously, that is why our product is highly appreciated by our clients.

We are ready to take a leading position in the creation of Virtual Private Networks (VPN).